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This is made possible by the business unit’s own software products. Designed as management software, the solutions focus on highly regulated areas and critical infrastructures. The BAYOOSOFT team enthusiastically develops and sells a comprehensive product portfolio, covering a wide range of use cases in the areas of IT security and medical solutions. Our quality management processes, certified by TÜV Hessen according to ISO 9001, are an expression of our passion for sustainable business solutions and strong customer orientation. Product development and service are carried out exclusively in Germany.

Thus, our renowned solutions BAYOOSOFT Access Manager and Risk Manager simplify, eliminate, automate and delegate our customers’ processes on a daily basis. While the Access Manager focuses on assigning authorizations, managing identities and resetting passwords, the Risk Manager accelerates the approval of medical devices by generating standard-compliant technical documentation. The portfolio is rounded off by the editorially maintained, interactive reference work MediLex.

Discover our IT security and medical solutions products:

BAYOOSOFT Access Manager

The automated and secure self-service solution for the access and identity journey of your employees and customers

To provide employees and customers with a real access and identity journey, BAYOOSOFT offers the Access Manager, a fully automated solution for file servers, SharePoint, Active Directory and third-party systems. It standardizes the routine tasks of user and authorization management and supports the supply of IT services such as mailboxes, software distribution or telephony. Not only individual tasks, but entire process chains are thus optimized, resulting in far lower resource usage and error rates than with manual processing. As a result, operational expenses, e.g. in IT administration, can be reduced sustainably while information security is increased through monitoring, auditing and transparent reporting for data managers in the departments.

The Journey is rounded off by the possibility for employees to reset forgotten passwords independently without having to contact the service desk – 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The Access Manager Password Reset is easy to use and has an extremely high user acceptance. This allows processes related to user and identity management as well as password administration to be designed efficiently and cost-optimized.

BAYOOSOFT Risk Manager

The validated approval accelerator for convenient generation of audit-proof technical documentation of medical devices

The regulatory requirements for the development and marketing of medical devices have increased continuously in recent years. The EU Medical Devices Regulation has given rise to numerous discussions. For the manufacturers of medical devices this means a continuously increasing documentation effort. Because what is not documented has not been done in case of doubt. Manufacturers of medical devices, in-vitro diagnostics or actively implantable medical devices therefore already produce a lot of paper today, and the trend is rising.

To free themselves from this document jungle, the goal should be to break monolithic documents down into fine-grained data and have the work done by specialized software solutions as far as possible.

As the world’s leading software solution, the BAYOOSOFT Risk Manager supports you in creating technical documentation for medical devices and in-vitro diagnostics. In a clearly structured environment, all relevant information is captured, stored centrally in an audit-proof manner and dynamically linked in a fine-grained, dynamic manner. Thus you automatically avoid redundant data storage. Reports are generated with the most current data at the push of a button.


The interactive loose-leaf collection for the healthcare sector

For almost 20 years, our customers have relied on MEDiLEX®, the editorially maintained, interactive reference work that provides you with the latest information on the European legal situation in the fields of medical devices and in-vitro diagnostics from a single source. It offers manufacturers, operators and users of medical devices all relevant documents completely in one work. In contrast to paper-based loose-leaf collections, MEDiLEX® is an electronic reference work and therefore also offers the advantages of electronic media such as full-text search, interactive links and cross-references, automatic updates without manual sorting and location-independent working options.


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