Published On: 23. June 2023

Audit-proof automated authorization management for Stadtwerke Wolfenbüttel

Satisfied Access Manager customer since 2016

“The Access Manager is our central authorization management tool, which we really appreciate. It makes our day-to-day work in authorization management much easier,” reports Joachim Antona, Head of IT. “Thanks to the lively exchange with our primary contact, we are always up-to-date and receive valuable tips.”

As the energy service provider for the city of Wolfenbüttel in Lower Saxony, Stadtwerke Wolfenbüttel GmbH is responsible for the provision of energy, heat and water. Every day, over 100 employees ensure that people and the environment in the region are supplied and protected. Stadtwerke also supports various projects to promote children and young people, sustainability in environmental protection and improving the quality of life in Wolfenbüttel.

From the authorization jungle to automated authorization management

As with many companies today, Stadtwerke Wolfenbüttel GmbH had historically grown authorization structures that were becoming increasingly difficult to penetrate. The conventional Windows board tools were no longer sufficient, so at some point IT no longer wanted to make any changes in AD because nobody knew what effect they would have. At this point, the decision was made to rebuild the file server and introduce a supporting software solution right from the start so that an impenetrable jungle of authorizations could no longer arise. Information security should also be increased and the admins’ freedom of action somewhat restricted, so that authorizations on demand should be a thing of the past from now on.

Two providers were considered when selecting the right software. However, following the product presentation and subsequent testing, it quickly became clear that Stadtwerke Wolfenbüttel GmbH would opt for the Darmstadt-based software manufacturer BAYOONET AG, which has been active since 2001. The BAYOOSOFT Access Manager was more user-friendly and less complex to use than the other tool.

The introduction of the BAYOOSOFT Access Manager

The Access Manager was commissioned within 2 days of purchase. Accompanied by the primary contact on the part of BAYOOSOFT GmbH, the software tool was set up for the day-to-day work of Stadtwerke Wolfenbüttel GmbH. However, the primary solution engineer not only provided support with the configuration of the Access Manager, but also gave valuable best practice tips to make everyday work even easier in the future. “The collaboration with the solution engineer was fantastic. He got the whole topic across to us very precisely and smartly, and in a really respectable amount of time. A small effort with a really big impact, we really liked that,” recalls Joachim Antona, IT Manager at Stadtwerke Wolfenbüttel GmbH.

After the legalization, the users, i.e. end users and data managers, were informed about the new software and from now on use the user-friendly Access Manager in their everyday work to carry out authorization management promptly and audit-proof without involving IT.

Everyday work with the BAYOOSOFT Access Manager

The newly appointed data owners have the freedom to manage authorizations themselves in their respective data areas. They know best which authorizations the respective employees need for their day-to-day work. End users can now also easily apply for authorizations via the central Self Service Portal component without having to rely on IT. Authorizations are therefore assigned directly, i.e. without going through the IT department, which not only shortens processing times but also reduces the workload of IT staff.

The technical implementation is handled entirely by the Access Manager, so that the Active Directory is clear and tidy. Thanks to the permanent target/actual comparison, it is also no longer possible to assign authorizations on demand bypassing the official application workflow in the Access Manager. Deviations are not only identified, but also documented and reset so that data security is guaranteed and the need-to-know principle is always adhered to.


The BAYOOSOFT Access Manager is used at Stadtwerke Wolfenbüttel GmbH not only for classic file server management, but also for the administration of e-mail mailboxes or other AD group-based servers to which employees want to have access. The Access Manager can be expanded at any time thanks to its modular structure.

“The Access Manager is our central authorization management tool, which we really appreciate. It makes our day-to-day work in authorization management much easier. The self-service portal takes a lot of pressure off the IT department so that we can devote ourselves to other tasks without having to worry about authorization management getting out of hand. We have been working with this gem for over 5 years now and are extremely satisfied,” reports Joachim Antona happily.

More information security with our Access Manager

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