Data security

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With a focus on IT security, the second day of presentations is dedicated to the topic of data security. How do you protect your company’s sensitive data from sabotage? And how data leaks occur and what you can do to prevent them and keep them small in an emergency?

Protection of business interests through (e-mail) encryption

Speaker: Hans-J. Giegerich, CEO at GP InfoCon

Companies are also victims of cyber attacks on a regular basis. In this presentation, you will learn how to protect your business interests in the best possible way, not only with the help of email encryption, but also with the help of cybersecurity.

Sabotage protection – or how to double-secure internal company secrets

Speaker: Christian Tilly, Solution Representative at BAYOONET

How do you prioritize the protection of sensitive data or secret information in your company? Christian Tilly explains the implementation of successful sabotage protection measures in his presentation.

Oh leak! Data gone

Speaker: Lucas Lischka, Software Developer at BAYOOTEC

How do data leaks actually happen? And almost more important: What can you do to prevent exactly this or to keep data leaks small in case of an emergency? Software Developer Lucas Lischka will talk about this in this presentation.