BAYOOSOFT Themis Features

Comprehensive, innovative and global – these keywords adequatly describe BAYOOSOFT Themis. But our software solution is also individual. Because that is exactly what your requirements are. That’s why we offer you various modules and functions that get you to your goal even faster when creating technical documentation.

BAYOOSOFT Themis Module und Funktionen

Efficient and standard-compliant technical documentation – BAYOOSOFT Themis enables you to do this with the following features:


  • multi-user capability
  • collaboration through chat & commenting function
  • structured navigation through the requirements
  • browser based
  • team dashboards &  push notifications
  • simplified organisation


  • fine-granular, dynamic linking of all relevant information
  • knowledge based for cross-product synergy effects
  • simplified document management
  • direct start by importing unstructured data
  • digital approval workflow


  • project phase based approach with versioning
  • audit trail covering all changes
  • fine-grained access management
  • backward search functions
  • change history on every element
  • data-driven dashboards for work analysis


comliant with standards: medical devices & in-vitro

document management as a single source of truth

Editorial work on documents

versioning & approval workflow

audit trail
& version history

validated system environment (ISO 13485)

generating Technical Documentation File

cross-site team collaboration

The following modules are available for BAYOOSOFT Themis

Documentation Guide

Risk Manager

Device Validation Manager

Requirements Manager

Who, how, what? The Documentation Guide enables you to work transparently with your documents.

Risk management according to ISO 14971: Whether PHA or FMEA – you will be guided through all process steps in a structured way.

Your fast lane to releasing your medical device or IVD: plan and document all tests centrally

Manage all requirements (MDR, IVDR, product requirements,…) clearly and structured in a single source of truth.

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