Published On: 28. January 2022

Secure communication: how companies protect their data from attacks

Safeguarding business interests is one of the most important assets in the corporate context. The aim is to prevent data from being unlawfully stolen from the company – whether through hacker attacks or espionage. In addition to internal requirements to protect information, customers, suppliers or partners of a company also have a legitimate interest in protecting their data privacy.

In addition, companies must comply with legal obligations, such as the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the IT Security Act, the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) and the Trade Secrets Protection Act.

The IT Security Act 2.0

What has changed with the updated version in the past year? What obligations apply to companies with a special public interest and operators of critical infrastructures (KRITIS)?

You can read more about this in our blog post .

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Ultimately, however, the following applies: weigh up the risks for your specific case on your own responsibility. In addition to a possible liability risk, a hacker attack can also result in an economic risk. The damage to a company’s image that can be caused by data loss should not be underestimated.

Important to remember

Data must be encrypted at all storage locations. This includes servers as well as workstations (desktop and laptop) and other mobile devices. This also applies to external areas, i.e. branch offices, data centers and field service devices.

BAYOOSOFT - Management Software Made In Germany

Safeguarding business interests through (e-mail) encryption

Hans-J. Giegerich, Managing Director at GP InfoCon, spoke about this topic at “Digital instead of analog”, BAYOOSOFT’s series of events:

Companies also fall victim to cyber attacks on a regular basis. In this presentation you will learn how you can protect your business interests in the best possible way, not only with but also with the help of e-mail encryption.

Watch the presentation here .

How can you adequately protect your data in corporate communications?

Encrypt your data to protect it during internal and external communication. A distinction can be made between two possibilities. This allows you to encrypt data in transit or the content itself.

Information is encrypted on the end device itself and is only decrypted by the target user.

The software solution gpg4o offers an option for email encryption via Outlook.

How does secure email encryption with gpg4o work?

gpg4o uses an asymmetric encryption method for email encryption. This system uses key pairs consisting of a private, i.e. secret, and a public key. The recipient’s public key is used to encrypt the e-mail.

This can then only be decrypted again using the recipient’s private key.

Email encryption made easy with gpg4o


The exchange of sensitive data with other people is ubiquitous – whether professionally with a view to sensitive data or the private sharing of unpublished designs. The intention is, of course, that such e-mails should only reach selected recipients. But hackers usually have an easy time of it.

gpg4o prevents third parties from accessing sensitive data. And this is how it works: E-mails are double-encrypted using an asymmetric procedure. This means that e-mails intercepted by third parties and decrypted in the first step are still protected.

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