Get to know us

The team

We are proud of all the BAYOOSOFT employees. Because we are real solution finders – and we achieve this together as a team and with the wide-ranging knowledge of our more than 50 employees.

Curious, pragmatic, communicative or creative – our solutions are as individual as each and every one of us. This is because complex challenges often require “thinking along” and a customized approach. We know this from over 20 years of experience in the development of management solutions for critical infrastructures (KRITIS).

We think with you

This simple but important insight developed into BAYOOSOFT’s mission statement and has become an integral part of our work. This results in a win-win situation for our employees and customers:

You receive sophisticated systems that are built and supported by motivated software architects, software engineers and service engineers. Because we want to listen and understand, we succeed in transforming your wishes into a usable and stable application. We deliver solutions that we develop with dedication and empathy for your goals. Because we think ahead, you receive sustainable solutions that are successfully implemented in the long term.

What we understand by thinking ahead

Our basic understanding is responsible and sustainable cooperation with our customers. Our focus here is on the process of thinking along, which has been tried and tested since 2001.

Can you identify with this process? Then join our team now.


Communication between IT and specialist departments is characterized by individual challenges. Our thinking process therefore begins with intensive listening and understanding of the requirements of both the specialist and IT departments.


As an objective, external partner, we have the opportunity to approach the processes in an unbiased, open-ended and goal-oriented manner. We sort our notes and analyze the wishes using the 5 W questions; Why? What for? Who? How? When?

Thinking ahead

We think broadly and with foresight. We are interested in questions such as what will happen to the solution in the future. Errors can thus be avoided with the help of our many years of project experience.


We check positive findings from other projects for adaptability and incorporate our know-how into the solution approach through knowledge transfer. Thanks to our practical experience, we know which approaches are most likely to lead to success.


The final step in our thinking process is reflection. Reviewing projects, learning from experiences and documenting them – so that the findings can also be used in future projects in the long term.

The co-thinkers

Different roles in the team

Our team consists of experts who take on different roles: IT Product Managers/Product Owners (POs) for the continuous development of our solutions, Software Architects for designing the software architecture, Software Engineers for development, Scrum Masters for agile implementation, PMOs for effective project management, Sales for presenting our solutions at trade fairs and in webinars and Service Engineers for smooth integration and support for your system environment.

As representatives of the roles in our teams, we would like to introduce a few of our more than 50 co-thinkers – each of whom makes a significant contribution to the success of our software solutions.

Franziska White

Sales Lead

“As Sales Lead, I make sure that our innovative solutions find the right customers and are successfully implemented. Working closely with my team and constantly interacting with clients enables me to develop customized strategies that offer real added value. It is inspiring to see how our products are revolutionizing our customers’ businesses and helping them to work more efficiently.”

Svenja Winkler


“I have been a member of the BAYOONET Group since 2015, where I am passionate about creating software that not only drives digitalization, but also makes our customers’ everyday lives much easier and better.”

Gregor Vater

Senior Solution Engineer

“As a Solution Engineer, I work closely with customers, developers and the software itself. By constantly interacting with customers, I learn how they use our software and can pass on targeted feedback to the development team. This means I know exactly how to test the software in order to continuously improve our products.”

Christoph Neumann

Senior Software Architect

I am in direct contact with our customers in order to understand their professional and technical requirements precisely. Based on this, I design the software architecture. There’s nothing better for me than the moment when customers say: “Wow, that’s exactly how I imagined it – great work!”