Published On: 4. July 2024

A breath of fresh air in design: The new product logos of BAYOOSOFT

The world is constantly changing and companies are trying to adapt to the conditions and trends without losing their identity. This also includes constantly reviewing the external presentation and making adjustments where necessary.

What began at BAYOOSOFT with the products Fileserver Management Suite (now BAYOOSOFT Access Manager) and Qware Riskmanager (now BAYOOSOFT Risk Manager) has now become a comprehensive portfolio of software solutions in the areas of IT security, medical technology and telecommunications. In order to do justice to the uniqueness of these very different products and still convey a uniform image for customers, interested parties, partners and employees, we got together with the creative minds at UID , a pioneer and service provider for UX design, and developed modern designs for the product logos.

The vision “keep complexity simple” is the guiding principle for this change. We want to ensure that our identity is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also easy to understand and coherent. We have therefore decided to place the company logo at the center and integrate the product logos as icons. This allows us to reduce complexity while preserving the uniqueness of each product. Ideally, this will create a link between the products. They are all united by a color-coded element, which we have named “Spark” and which captures the central aspect of each solution, as well as the ability to trace the logo with just a few brushstrokes. From concept to realization: The background stories of the new BAYOOSOFT logos

Ready for a look behind the scenes?

Take a look at the meanings and stories behind the new logos of our software solutions.

BAYOOSOFT Themis – The modern way to standard-compliant documentation

Our logo for BAYOOSOFT Themis represents the fusion of technology and information. The orange-colored Spark represents the input of information into the system. The letter D can stand for both documentation and the progressive digitalization of the associated processes.

BAYOOSOFT Access Manager – The automated Access and Identity Journey

The slightly twisted symbol corresponds to the stylized representation of a database and at the same time stands for the multi-layered nature of access and identity management from a security perspective. The Spark is to be understood metaphorically as a key for the managed identities and their access to information.

gpg4o – Secure e-mail encryption

Our logo for end-to-end email encryption visualizes the protection of your digital communication. The Spark completes the lock, which can both seal and release the envelope.

MEDiLEX – The interactive reference work for medical technology and in-vitro diagnostics

As with BAYOOSOFT Themis, this logo takes up the provision of information. The presentation as a book represents the extensive collection of information in MEDiLEX and emphasizes the powerful search function via the Spark.

HospiX – Communication Controlling

The logo is presented in the form of vertically aligned speech bubbles that imitate the structures of buildings such as hotels and hospitals. These also reflect the diverse communication channels that are used in this environment.

Access Manager Password Reset – Self Service for your employees

The asterisk in the logo for AMPR symbolizes the frequently used representation within a password entry. It is accompanied by the Spark as an arrow and the round representation is reminiscent of a loading symbol, representing the resetting or changing of a password.

The key role of successful product logos

A clearly designed and appealing product logo is the heart of a successful brand identity. It not only functions as a visual recognition feature, but also conveys the values and personality of a brand at a glance. In today’s fast-paced business world, clear logos are crucial for differentiation and recognizability in a highly competitive environment. They not only create trust, but also form a direct link to the customer by describing the core of a product. A well-designed logo is therefore not just an aesthetic element, but a crucial component of a successful brand strategy that leaves a lasting impression and shapes the identity of a product in the long term.

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