Published On: 17. May 2024

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Efficient authorization management without IT effort for Andritz

Andritz is an internationally active Austrian company specializing in mechanical and plant engineering. The company was founded in 1852 and is headquartered in Graz, Austria.

Andritz is active in various business areas and offers customized solutions and plants for hydropower, pulp and paper, metals, separation, fiberboard and biomass. The company’s products and services are used in numerous industries, including power generation, water treatment, waste water treatment, wood processing, pulp and paper production and metal processing.

“The Access Manager allows us to delegate the assignment of rights to the people who are responsible for them. The burden on IT support is greatly reduced. Another major advantage is the ability to assign authorizations on a temporary basis. All activities are also documented accordingly and the process of assigning rights is standardized.”

Helmut Igl, Senior Manager- IT Infrastructure Architecture at Andritz

From manual to effortless: Optimized authorization assignment at the pace of growth

In recent years, Andritz has assigned access rights to files in accordance with Microsoft’s recommended procedures. For this purpose, special groups were created manually in Active Directory, which were then granted access to the corresponding files. The memberships in these groups were also maintained manually.

Andritz has grown considerably in recent years and this manual maintenance has become increasingly laborious. It was also difficult to track which users were given which rights and when, and who authorized these rights. Withdrawing or delegating authorizations also became very time-consuming. New software was needed to solve this problem!

It was important to Andritz that it could be easily integrated into existing structures and offered the option of assigning authorizations without having to involve IT. It must also be possible to document the assignment of rights. And that’s how the BAYOOSOFT Access Manager came into play.

“Because it was the best fit for our existing landscape and largely met our requirements. Alternative products were usually part of an entire framework with functions that we didn’t need, but which were reflected in the price. Access Manager works in a way that doesn’t involve any major organizational or technical changes,” recalls Helmut Igl.


Simple integration – the introduction of the Access Manager

The technical introduction at Andritz went off without a hitch. With the help of the contact person at BAYOOSOFT GmbH and the support of the employees, the Access Manager was quickly integrated into the existing structures.

The advantages of the BAYOOSOFT Access Manager for Andritz

  • Relief for IT

  • Rights assignment process is clearly documented

  • Possibility to assign authorizations for a limited time

  • The process of granting rights is standardized

  • Simple integration into the existing landscape

  • No special technical knowledge required

A new workday

The IT department has been greatly relieved by the Access Manager. “All activities are now documented accordingly and the process of assigning rights is standardized,” says Helmut Igl.

He also praises: “In my view, the Access Manager offers many advantages and can support IT processes very well. All those involved can concentrate on the essentials when assigning authorizations and can better assume their responsibilities, as no special technical knowledge is required. The use of the Access Manager also standardizes the assignment of authorizations.”

More information security with our Access Manager

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